Tutti works with musician Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah to create the STRETCH MUSIC APP

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We’re excited to unveil our latest project.

We worked with Grammy nominee, composer, producer and musician, Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah, to create an interactive audio experience for his latest album Stretch Music. The album is currently at the top of the jazz charts.

THE STRETCH MUSIC App, is brand-new interactive album that gives the user full customization over their listening and practicing experience through separate, adjustable audio tracks.

  •  Dissect each song on the album and listen to each part, or combination of parts, isolated from the rest
  •  Build the perfect environment to play over by controlling the customized audio channels of every instrument
  •  Mute, solo, pan and fade any instrument, along with tempo control and looping
  •  Access sheet music scores and parts

What is Stretch Music?

Stretch Music refers to the new musical expression Christian developed that stretches Jazz music. Scott calls Stretch Music “genre blind.” It encompasses many musical forms, languages, textures, conventions, cultures, and processes as a “means of extending the dialogue of the human condition across the lines of cultural and genre based barriers.”

How did The Stretch Music App Begin?

As a music student at the New Orleans Center of Creative Arts (NOCCA) and Berklee College of Music, Christian knew first-hand the existing library of “play-along” recordings were ill-equipped to sate the cravings of young musicians hoping to learn from their influencers through emulation. With the intention of releasing his next recording with an accompanying offering students could play along with, he sought out Darren Hoffman, the lead designer of the Tutti Player .

In February 2015, at a coffeehouse in uptown New Orleans, we met with Christian and his team to discuss building an interactive album with features based on the Tutti Music Player App. Christian’s goals for a stand-alone, audio interactive player of his next album were serendipitously in line with our vision for our core technology, and Christian’s multilayered music proved to be the perfect content for this immersive listening and practicing experience. Thus, the STRETCH MUSIC APP was born.


Download the App on iTunes here.

If you are a musician, composer, or producer, and want to learn how this technology could work with your music, we would love to hear from you!  Contact us here.



download the app for free: Get Tutti