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Ten New Music Education Technologies

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Tutti_Player_PC_Windows_The wave of new educational technology is drastically changing the way that we teach, learn, and practice music. New music classroom tools are available to make music education more efficient and sometimes more fun. Here are ten new tools for music teachers and students: from instruments and playing aids to interactive lessons, we can help to bring music education into the digital age.

1.     Artiphon: The Artiphon Instrument 1 is a new musical instrument that integrates an iPhone or iPod touch into its hardwood body. It has a six-string “virtual fretboard” like a guitar’s, but the user can convert it to mimic a wide variety of string instruments—or create his or her own. Smartphone integration allows access to a variety of synthesizer, studio, and recording apps, and new ones are always in development. Available for preorder on the website, the Instrument 1 is an exciting, brand new way to play.

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