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5 Music Practice Tips for the Summer

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smart goal setting conceptIn the summer months, routines lapse and schedules get interrupted. This is especially true for student musicians, who are on vacation from June until September. Many music teachers, too, move to a lighter schedule in the summer while the bulk of their students are away or taking a break. Keeping up your practice routine is important, though; taking a three-month break from your instrument is practically guaranteed to set you back when you do return to it. What’s more, the summer is a great time to focus on developing your practice habits, leaping from one plateau to the next, and getting out of ruts. If your new schedule leaves you with more time to practice, here are some ways to take advantage of it.

1.     Set a goal for the end of the summer. Is there a particular piece of music you’ve always wanted to learn? Is there a technique you want to master? Have you been meaning to write, record, or perform something new, or in some new way? Do you want to put together a new ensemble? With three months of lazy days in front of you, the summer is a great time to set your sights high. Consult with your teacher, if you have one, and pick an exciting goal that you can reasonably expect to achieve. Think of it as a summer-long project.

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Rackspace Start-Up Program SpotLight: Tutti Dynamics

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As you know, Rackspace accepted Tutti Dynamics into the Rackspace Start-Up Program. This month, they profiled us in their Rackspace Start-Up Program SpotLight column.

rackspaceAlan Jaffe, a jazz tubist and the entrepreneur who developed Preservation Hall into a New Orleans jazz tradition, once said, “New Orleans is the only place I know of where you ask a little kid what he wants to be and instead of saying ‘I want to be a policeman,’ or ‘I want to be a fireman,’ he says, ’I want to be a musician.’” It’s only fitting that music software startup Tutti Dynamics calls NOLA home….Read more here…

Tutti Dynamics + LAB Miami + Wynwood Art Walk Event

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thelabmiami-logoDear Tutti friends,

The Tutti Team is pleased to announce we are now offical members of LAB Miami in the Wynwood Arts District of Miami.

The LAB Miami is a campus for social and technology innovation powered by Knight Foundation. We love to be around this wonderful entrepreneurial community of creative minds that learn, act and build together. For more information about LAB Miami, go here:

The Tutti Team is hosting a Tutti Music Player event for August’s Wynwood Art Walk on the evening of August 10th, 2013 at LAB Miami’s headquarters. We’ll be making some exciting announcements that night.

“Guests will be provided a taste of what’s happening at the intersection of music, media and technology. Live music, video installations, iOS apps…it will be a fun night,” says Tutti Dynamics CEO Darren Hoffman.

Members of Love Experiment and Ciel Rouge is touring from New Orleans.

We hope to see you there!

New Release: Modern Masters of New Orleans


MMNO-TIAT-Vol-I-Barbarin-Powell-MasakowskiTutti Music Player released its first volume of New Orleans jazz music! The volume features music videos by New Orleans music legends Lucien Barbarin, Shannon Powell, and Steve Masakowski.

This is a great collection for musicians looking to learn to play jazz with some of the best jazz musicians in the world.

Guitar players will love the guitar play-along with Steve Masakowski. Looking for online drum lessons? Play the trombone? Or want to learn to play the tambourine? With Tutti Music Player you can now learn to play the guitar, learn to play drums,  and practice other instruments with some of New Orleans most respected musicians.

The interactive music collection accompanies a yet to be released movie about New Orleans music, Tradition is a Temple. If you’re a New Orleans music fan, but don’t play an instrument, you’ll still enjoy the collection. Find the New Orleans jazz collection featuring Lucien Barbarin, Shannon Powell and Steve Masakowski here:


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