We are excited to announce our latest project: The STRETCH MUSIC App

On September 18th, groundbreaking trumpeter and composer, Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah, released his latest album STRETCH MUSIC, at the top of the charts.

We worked with Christian and his team to create this brand new interactive experience for iPhone. And you can download it today!

Click here to download the app on the App Store

THE STRETCH MUSIC APP powered by Tutti allows users to completely control their listening and practicing experience:

  • Dissect each song on the album and listen to each part or combination of parts isolated from the rest

  • Build the perfect enviroment to play over by controlling the customized audio channels of every instrument

  • Mute, solo, pan and fade any instrument, along with tempo control and looping

  • Access sheet music scores and parts

check out Christian discussing the project:

STRETCH MUSIC, powered by Tutti Player, is an interactive music album. This interactive version of Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah\’s Stretch Music recording allows musicians to completely control their practicing, listening and learning experience by customizing the player to fit their specific needs and goals. By controlling the customized audio channels of every instrument, musicians are able to build the perfect environment to play over. The app has the ability to mute, solo, pan and fade any instrument chosen along with tempo control, looping and sheet music for each part. STRETCH MUSIC delivers interactive audio and sheet music to create a compelling educational experience for efficient learning while simultaneously immersing developing musicians into the new style of creative improvisation and expression.



If you are a musician, composer, or producer, and want to learn how this technology could work with your music, we would love to hear from you! Contact us here.